A website for under $5,000?

We get a lot of inquiries that are looking for new sites or redesigns for less than $5,000.

First let's do the math and make sure that a $5K or less budget is the maximum you can afford. If you are in a service industry, then the primary value of a website is incresed visibility and credibility that will drive customers to your store or contact you. How many new clients do you think you can close with your new website? If a client is worth $300-$500 a year and you can estimate a website can convert 5-10 new clients per month, then that's worth $18K - $60K a year.

Now that you have a potential value for your business website, what do you need your site to do? Complexity of the site is what causes the time and the cost of the site. Pages like "About Us" or "Contact Us" are informational and are easy to create, whereas pages that involve user accounts, reservations, etc., take many hours to develop. 

If your website is composed of simple content and you do not have a whole bunch of them, the complexity is pretty low and the budget should also be low.

Another big factor that affects cost is the level of design that you need 

  • Do you require custom animations or graphics? Or is stock art good enough?
  • Do you have a logo? 
  • Are you easy to please? If not, design revisions could quickly eat up your budget.

So your complexity is low and you do not have extensive design needs, you are probably in the $5K range. So now who can develop a website for that cost?

  1. One person shop or freelancer. They can probably deliver you a site below the magic $5K number! The bad news is that they are probably not as diverse in their skillset as we are. They might be awesome at design and/or programming, but can they help you with marketing, maintenance and other solutions down the line?
  2. Offshore website design shop. The cost for labor are cheaper, but communication issues often arise. When you work with us, everyone is based on island. 
  3. DIY. There are some amazing options that allow you to put a website together by yourself like wix.com, weebly.com and sqaurespace.com. If you have the time, knowledge and patience to build a decent website then this could be an option.

On Maui there are quite a few places you can get a website for less than $5K,  but because of the care we take with your project we start our website projects at $5K, though ask us about our kamaaina rate when you sign up for your free consultation! 

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