Frooney Co

Impact Maui created Brand/Interactive Experience for Frooney Co
Frooney Co is an online retailer for unique t-shirts and art prints for adults and children. The overall brand is positioned as a fun, upbeat look & feel. For the website we wanted it to be plain to keep all the attention on the designs, but to refine the shopping experience to be a delight for those who used it. We tested the flow of the site and created a custom Shopify theme for the store.
Frooney Co Primary Logo
Frooney Co Logo Mark - two cartoon dogs Fred and Rooney
Frooney Co Font examples - Montserrat & Helvetica
Frooney Co Color Palette - Pantone 6, Pantone 663, Pantone 443
Frooney Co website on a macbook
FrooneyCo Homepage
FrooneyCo T-shirt page
Frooney Co website on mobile
Frooney Co product page