Nerd Fit Personal Training

The Story

The other day, one of my good friends came to me and asked if we could do a logo for the personal training business he is starting. I knew that we could come up with something amazing for him and so I asked him a few questions to get the process started. Below you can follow along with the questions I asked and how he responded.

What is the name of the business?


Do you have ideas for what you want the logo to be?

As you know I love Star Wars and Captain America. So thinking something that combined those ideas or was one of those ideas or you know just draw something.

Where will the logo be used? 

As I am getting started, probably a business card, t-shirts, email and anything else.

That was it! We took that little bit of knowledge and started to build out the brand! We were super excited to take on this project! We started with the text and made some awesome Star Wars and Captain America influence fonts.

Nerdfit early design ideas

They were nice, but they just did not feel right. We then had the crazy idea to try and combine the Captain America and Star Wars ideas and incorporate the logo mark!

Logomark ideas for Nerdfit

Since Matt has a beard, we thought it would be awesome to include that as part of the logo! We did a bunch of sketches but decided to present him with these two options. He ended up loving the one with the mask and so a logo was born!

Nerd Fit T-shirt